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1. Enterprise talent idea: a people-centered, talent is the biggest wealth.
        We always believe that talents are the most valuable asset in JINYI. Only when employees are working in a good environment, and with the greatest talent space, enterprises can have a sustainable development. Firstly the "people-oriented" idea shows respect to talents; on the basis of equality, we respect for staff career development goals, and respect for the staff of the different enterprises; secondly, in respect of the premise, we concern about staff, treating the staff of the enterprise as business partners who help them achieve career. Again, the "people-oriented" idea is trying as much as possible to provide a platform for the development of employees.

2. Ideal talents who can meet JINYI’s demands
   A person who has the value opinion of the modern society, including strong belief and innovation idea is what we want
        The strong belief should be the Spiritual support which formed by profound History and Culture. The innovation spirit is showed by a kind of scientific spirit, characteristic psychosis, psychology orientation, and power which can change both person himself and environment actively.
   The knowledge structure that can suit for the development of modern society
        This showed in vast and perspective embodying in knowledge, which is in the frontier field of knowledge. It has an international view, also it is running after new findings, probing new law, founding the new theory, creating new method , and accumulating new knowledge.
    The perfect personality that suit for the development of modern society
        The excellent cultural achievements of human beings, including ethics and morality , philosophy , history , literature and art , should be internalized into the stable inherent qualities, such as how to understand to how to behavior, why to live, also including how to handle with those problems between human being and the nature, society , and people, also the sense, feeling and will of ones’ own.

3. The employee principle of JINYI
    We use rule to attract people, use environment to gather person, use career to keep people, and use principle to protect people.
    People of both good talent and morality should be noticed and focused on in JINYI, and then People of both bad talent and morality can not be used. People of bad talent but good morality can be by our choice, People of good talent but bad morality can never be used in JINYI.

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