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Profession tendency
2010 Nonwoven Exhibition
Issued Time:2008/2/22 8:38:00

■ non-woven materials and deep processing of products: medical health materials, interior decoration materials, new construction and waterproofing materials, labor protective supplies, environmental protection, timber, filter material, the new thermal materials and garment accessories timber industry, agriculture, timber, automotive materials, packaging materials and coating fabric, Geotextiles and geosynthetics;
■ fiber raw materials and chemical agents: polyester, polypropylene, PVA, nylon, viscose staple fiber and two-component, ultra-short ultra-fine fibers, such as special hollow fiber, metal fiber, carbon fiber and a variety of high-performance fibers (high temperature, flame-retardant, high strength, etc.), fiber differentiation.
■ industrial fabrics: geotextile, construction fabrics, automotive fabrics, Synthetic Leather, agriculture with a cloth, electrical insulating materials paper, blankets, clothing household goods Shoes supplies, filter material, the desiccant packaging material, etc.;
■ non-woven materials and deep processing technology and equipment: spunbond, meltblown, spunlace, acupuncture, dry paper (paper Expanded), sewing parts, thermal bonding, chemical bonding, carding, web forming, fiber pre-treatment non-woven materials, such as equipment and production lines; women's sanitary napkins, baby and adult diapers Diaper, wet washcloth, masks, surgical clothing, forming a mask, polymers, specialty chemical fiber foam adhesive fiber non-woven material coating additives masterbatch , resin and other deep-processing equipment; coated, laminated, electrostatic imposed (in most), electrostatic flocking, embossing, packaging and other equipment;
■ non-woven cloth: including spunbond, meltblown, needle, Spunlace, flow into a network, thermal bonded, chemical bonded non-woven fabric and its products.
■ production equipment, deep processing of Design: non-woven production line equipment and finishing equipment, deep processing equipment, ancillary equipment and apparatus


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