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  Meeting challenge with innovation for over 30 years.
  We began in the early eighties, not as a non-woven equipment manufacturer, but as a producer of textile equipment. We started to manufacture non-woven machinery in 1994.

  Initially, the Jinyi machinery was engaged in designing and producing equipment for carding machine,opener, feeding machine etc unit machine.
  As customer products became more complex, we developed methods and technology more and more mature.
Today our company boasts rich experience in design manufacture installationand commissioning processing according to customers request. we can manufacture a variety of non-woven machine and produciton line in our development.
  Our home market includes almost every province and our exports have been increasing from year to year.

  A background of sensitivity to customer’s needs
  Producing quality products at a profit can be a difficult challenge whether you're making unit machine or production line . We understand your problems and the opportunities that can come with solving them. Our first goal is to understand what you are trying to accomplish and work to that end

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